IJS NANO Brainroom


Project: Common Areas, Nano Materials Department, Phase 1
Location: Ljubljana
Client: "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Nano Materials Department
Year: 2020-2022
Area: 100m2
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Multipurpose Space
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti


"Brainstorming" space, kitchen with dining area, classroom with office desks, meeting area, reading corner with a library and at the same time a central space where 40 employees can gather – these are the collective wishes of all employees – a multifunctional space that adapts.

We have foreseen several scenarios of use. For larger gatherings, tables are placed longitudinally, and retractable benches are installed. For meetings, two tables are combined, and blinds are lowered to visually remove other users. The table for individual work extends along the entire length of the space and benefits from panoramic windows. The black strip of furniture harmonizes both the retractable TV and the fully functional "white" kitchen appliances. The space has an original wooden curved structure, which we used for lighting installation. A similar detail is also reflected in the work table, existing staircase, and movable tables.

The client deals with high-tech nano materials. For them, we have met all the mega demands in a micro space.