Histrion Hotel Renovation


Project: Hotel Histrion - Hotel renovation with pool area
Location: Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia
Client: Business, Hotel Histrion, Sava turizem d.d.
Year: Competition 2019, Implementation 2020
Area: 9700 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects, Studio Galeb d.o.o.
Typology: Hotel
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti


Hotel Histrion, built in the 70s, was designed by the famous American architectural group The Architects Collaborative (TAC). With its broken shape, it embraces the marina with berths on one side and the sea towards Savudrija on the other. Together with its repeating facade, it symbolizes a cruise ship. The saltwater pools of the water complex connect both sides of the sea.

The hotel has not lost its modernist character over time. We have re-established the contrast between the white hotel and the backdrop of accommodation houses in the "indigenous" colors of the Bernardin tourist complex, of which Hotel Histrion is a part. The white-gray color has replaced the previous "terra rossa" red color, bringing it closer to the look of the original concrete facade. Visible concrete, due to energy renovation and the harsh influence of the sea, could not be restored. Blinds in blue-green shades, always randomly lowered, give the facade appropriate dynamics.

The pool area emphasizes the hotel's "in the sea" position. The ceiling, with its broken shape, is an abstraction of sea waves. The reflection in the ceiling creates a feeling of being submerged in water and reflects the color of the pools and the sea. This gives it a bluish sea shade, while the sandy colors of the pool area floor calm the space. The broken surfaces of the repaired pools remind of the cliff floors. This design note continues in the spa area, which includes saunas and treatments with breathtaking views.

The entire renovation has approached the original appearance of the modernist hotel and technically functionally refreshed the hotel, giving it a fresh modern look.