ALPO apartments


Project: Renovation of A’LPO apartments in Kranjska Gora
Location: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
Client: Business, GENERALI zavarovalnica d.d. (Adriatic Slovenica)
Year: Architectural competition, 1st place, 2015
Area: 27.5 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects, Žana Kopitar
Typology: Apartment, apartments, renovation
Photo/Viz: BAAM arhitekti


Hiking. Or family skiing in Kranjska Gora. One of the more beautiful Slovenian alpine towns, where we can fulfill our sporting passions.

In the morning, the smell of dad's breakfast wafts from the kitchen, while mother gets ready in front of an interesting mirror that resembles deer antlers, making sure the children dress appropriately for a cold winter's day. After a typical vacation day, the Rojec family comes home from the ski slopes, the kids store their ski boots in the closet in the entrance area, while mom hangs the wet clothes on a drying rack in a niche. The kids, still in their ski underwear, jump on the bed (and thank God, it's not just a sofa that would need to be disassembled and made up). Dad comfortably settles in the window niche and picks up the daily news. Mom opens her laptop on the side table and calls the grandparents on Skype to share their experiences. In the meantime, the husband elegantly retreats to the bathroom, which with a floor-level shower and a slightly roomier curtain is quite accommodating for his robust athletic figure. As it's already late afternoon, mom brews tea for new friends they met on the slopes. Thankfully, there's enough seating.

After a few hours of chatting in a pleasant environment with a lot of alpine character (which due to a slightly reflective ceiling doesn't feel oppressive), they slowly say goodbye. Dad pulls out the bed for the tired children, which is already made up and ready for sleep. The children fall asleep in a matter of seconds, while the parents on a separate bed have another cup of tea while discussing maybe coming back for a summer vacation