TS twin houses


Project: Two semi-detached houses and house TS
Location: Kranj, Slovenia
Client: private
Year: 2014
Area: 165 – 215 sqm
Authors: diploma work, Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za arhitekturo, in cooperation with a private client
Typology: Single-family house, multi-family house, semi-detached house, addition
Photo/Viz: renderji.com


The project of five houses - standalone and two semi-detached - offers an innovative approach to urban planning and individual house design, in addition to modern aesthetics. The surroundings are marked by oversized houses from the 70s of the previous century, most of which have been converted into two-family buildings. These houses had to undergo extensive renovations and additions to increase capacity, which often compromised their exterior appearance. In addition, the area is characterized by a complete absence of semi-public spaces for socializing.

The plot has several construction restrictions due to underground gas infrastructure. We exploited these constraints to create more green areas, communal gardens, a smaller communal garage, and a safe connecting road suitable for children's play.

Each semi-detached unit boasts an intimate atrium with an unbroken line of openings. The design of the houses allows for the simple division of each semi-detached unit into two separate apartments. The lower apartment can use the construction of the atrium walls for additional space and fill the line of openings with windows. This way, it gains new living spaces while maintaining a harmonized appearance of the house

These houses present a response to the challenges of the bedroom community in which they are located, and to Slovenian living culture