YMS Hairdressing and Barber Shop


Project: YMS Hairdressing and Barber Shop
Location: BTC City Park and Aleja, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Client: Business, YMS Hairdressing and Barber Shop, Sojer d.o.o.
Year: 2018
Area: 60 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Hairdressing and Barber Shop
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti


The salon is intended for the young avant-garde, under the patronage of the famous fashion hairdressing chain Mič Styling. The concept of the salon is a simulation of an urban rebellious environment where street art is born. A construction site at rest is like a canvas that allows young people to express their creativity and make something beautiful from the abandoned. This is demonstrated by the young staff in YMS Mič Styling, who introduce Ljubljana to the pace of time with avant-garde hairstyles and new color tones.

The salon consists of an entrance lobby and a waiting room with Lupina chairs by the legendary Niko Kralj, sales and cash register, four seats for women's haircuts and three seats for shaving. Behind the wardrobe closet hides an intimate hair washing area with three sinks and a hidden toilet.

The walls are clad in raw OSB panels, painted with a gray structural paint that gives a feeling of concrete formwork. The counters of the workplaces and the cash register are clamped between construction rods, which act as a facade scaffold. The sales display cases on the facade of the premises reach from floor to ceiling and are built from rusted rebar mesh, which is welded into a 450cm high shelving unit. Transparent plexi shelves give the impression that the products are floating in the rebar mesh. Behind the cash register, the space is dominated by a huge mirror, which is built into the service cabinet in which all barber and hairdressing tools and guest wardrobe are stored.

In the ceiling, there is a skylight through which daylight shines and illuminates a view of the installations' entrails. The rebar mesh, which slightly obscures the installations, runs through the entire salon and touches the floor on the last wall. The mesh is intended for later decoration of the salon with greenery, workshop photos, posters and personal items that customers and employees can leave in the salon. Thus, we connect the salon with employees and clients and try to create a bond between all users of the hair salon.