Modular house


Project: Prototype of prefabricated wooden modular house
Location: Anywhere
Client: Private, business
Year: 2014-
Kvadratura: >10m2
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Single-family house
Photo/Viz: BAAM arhitekti


In today's broader European context, prefabricated wooden houses represent the most popular alternative to brick construction. Among the advantages they offer are environmentally friendly construction, a small carbon footprint, and construction that is twice as fast. Disadvantages? In Slovenia, there is a very widespread "do-it-yourself" mentality with which investors save some money. However, with prefab construction, self-participation is not possible

There are many optimizations in the construction industry that have contributed to reducing costs. The most typical example is custom-made windows, which companies in Slovenia assemble from custom glass and window profiles, which are mostly imported. Similarly, with the aim of reducing construction costs, we developed a standardized panel element - a prefab. Providers of wooden construction can buy it, assemble it in production, and deliver it to the construction site. In addition, modular construction allows for expansion and addition to the house over time.

With more ingenuity, modular houses could also be assembled on site, perhaps even in a "do it yourself" version.