Attic apartment HOMEMENTUM


Project: Homementum
Location: Domžale, Slovenia
Client: Private
Year: 2018
Area: 150 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Apartment
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti


Most young people have similar desires when building and furnishing their first apartment: to create a comfortable and simultaneously interesting home with a minimal budget. Through innovation, preservation, recycling, and consideration of what is truly important, we have created a modern, unique, and comfortable first home.

The apartment unfolds in three architectural experiences. We enter through a glass entrance that illuminates a long staircase, through which our gaze flows to the nature behind the house. We ascend the warm wooden stairs to a low utility section, behind which a view of the high and open main part is already emerging.

Since the family is the most genuinely connected unit and the need for intimacy is primarily small in younger stages, we decided to remove doors in the living area. This allows transitions between spaces without sharply drawn boundaries between open and closed, public and private spaces. On the other hand, with Miesian shifts of walls that prevent direct views and bedrooms with a gallery, we enabled retreat into solitude. We positioned the rooms according to the need for intimacy and the thoughtful position of skylights. Thus, bedrooms and bathroom have higher windows higher while in the living area they are lower and when sitting at the dining table, they offer views to the nearby forest. Most people spend most of the time in the living area. Therefore, despite the large area, we reduced other rooms - thus creating better conditions for quality socializing and socializing. This is followed by hidden lights that create different luminous ambiances.

In the main space, the original concrete pillars have become the frame of the living area. Each program is positioned between each pair of pillars: kitchen, dining room, relaxation area with seating and a reading corner with a space for a fireplace, currently replaced by greenery. Since it is said that "the architect creates a frame that the user designs", we left the center and all corners of the living room empty with the intention for the family to fill them over time in their own way. The living room does not have doors but hides a passage to the master bedroom with a wardrobe behind the wall and on the other side to the children's room and bathroom. We emphasized the diversity of the children's room with a gallery in the attic and open wooden beams, which can serve for various didactic climbing antics.

Homementum is primarily a home. It is a space of light movement, it is an experiment that confirms that with low investment one can live high.