Delfin Hotel


Project: Modern Retirement Hotel
Location: Izola, Slovenia
Client: Business, DELFIN Hotel, ZDUS d.o.o.
Year: 2021-2022
Area: 12,000m2
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Hotel with Additional Program
Photo/Viz: BAAM arhitekti


We designed the hotel with the elderly generation of 2050 in mind. The hotel is a retreat from the digital world and provides tranquil socializing. It is a 45° deviation from life.


The hotel is nestled between the existing Delfin hotel, a future sports park, and a coastal promenade. Connecting the surrounding program was key, so by rotating the interior by 45°, we strengthened this connection and created an urban crossroad within the hotel, keeping it vibrant and in touch with various visitors and generations. On the side towards the existing park, we placed a more intimate walking path with secluded corners. On the side facing the existing hotel, we have a public promenade with a restaurant, cafes, and an open-air sculpture gallery. The hotel itself, with two lamellas facing the main road, follows the design of the existing hotel. It gradually descends towards the sea, creating an urban node at the junction of the public and hotel promenades, dedicated to public events and gatherings.


The hotel is designed with ground-floor arcades and green floors. The ground floor of the hotel, with added commercial-service activities, paraphrases the theme of the arch, which people associate with coastal towns and remnants of Roman villas in the vicinity. Load-bearing elements are offset at a 45° angle, thus following the diagonal logic of outside-inside connections. In the upper floors, we achieve a sea view for all hotel rooms with the same offset. Each hotel room has lush greenery, contains natural materials, and is designed for the comfortable living of the older population. At the ends of the common corridors, there are scenic terraces for hotel guests and a seaside terrace for external guests.