San Simon Hotels


Project: Renovation of San Simon hotels; Haliaetum hotel rooms with a pool, bistro, and annexes
Location: Simon's Bay, Izola, Slovenia
Client: Business, Hotelske nepremičnine d.o.o., Modra zavarovalnica d.d., Kapitalska družba d.d.
Year: 2018
Area: Hotel, annexes, pool, spa, restaurant, bistro, outdoor design
Authors: BAAM architects, Studio Galeb d.o.o.
Typology: Commercial buildings, hotel resort
Photo/Viz: BAAM arhitekti


The hotel complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the remnants of an ancient Roman "villa maritime", which was the most luxurious type of villa at that time. The villa was composed of several buildings with corridors more than 50m long and also had its own port. This inspired us in the renovation of the hotel complex with annexes, a pool, a spa, a restaurant, and a bistro.

With the thoughtful use of certain motifs, we bring the ancient world closer to visitors and tourists. Colonnades, propylaea, arches, and mosaics specially developed for the complex create an interesting atmosphere and ambiance. The use of natural materials such as oak, travertine stone, and natural plaster in the terra rossa color, the preservation of the native coastal vegetation and greenery, provide the user with an authentic experience.

With the renovation, the entire complex receives both a technical upgrade - air conditioning, renovation of pool technology, renovation of buildings - as well as a content refreshment, with the desire to upgrade the level of the offer. To extend the operating season, we propose a few innovations to the client such as a sauna world, a glazed restaurant, and a bistro. The restaurant thus offers the possibility of organizing various events, while the bistro has a VIP floor with an unobstructed view of the sea.

The proposal for the renovation of the hotel complex stems from local history and emphasizes its geographical location, thus creating an authentic experience for the visitor​​.