Karst house S


Project: Renovation of a Karst house
Location: Skopo near Dutovlje
Client: Private
Year: 2019 - 2022
Area: house 220m², apartment house 72m²
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Residential
Photo/Viz: Items collective


Wine. Prosciutto. Karst house. Traces of Karst heritage. All grow, develop, and mature from the rocky soil and the harsh Karst wind. This gives them a characteristically strong taste, smell, and texture. Similarly, Karst houses are built from strong stone walls, imposing wooden beams, and are roofed with heavy roof tiles.

The existing Karst house had been abandoned for a long time, and with its position next to the church of St. Mihael, it originally served as a rectory. The complex consists of the main Karst house with a well and a smaller guest house with a wine cellar. The courtyard features a pool with a terrace, and the entire complex is surrounded by a restored authentic stone dry wall. The project for the guest house placement was previously planned by other authors.

With our intervention, we removed many of the additions built over the years and further emphasized the Karst character of the house: we cleaned the stone wall of plaster, exposed the wooden structure, and added "invisible" pergola lines that shade the outdoor areas. The pergolas represent a modern intervention, yet are minimally noticeable. This allowed the house's appearance to come to the attention. Over time, the vines will blur the line between the existing structure and the new intervention.

With the renovation, the house has once again become a dominant feature in the village, framing the majestic Karst horizon.