BSH Office


Project: BSH Office
Location: Nazarje, Slovenia
Client: BSH Home Appliances d.o.o. Nazarje
Year: 2021
Area: 670 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Business spaces
Photo/Viz: BAAM arhitekti


The business building is located in a rural environment characterized by gabled roofs. We wanted to fully utilize the potential of the discussed attic, so we planned in stages.

The initial step of the transformation was the removal of the flat part of the dropped ceiling. With this, we freed the apex of the attic, which allowed the space to breathe, while also being able to accumulate overheated air in the summer months.

The attic is designed in a triangular floor plan, composed of three distinctly elongated arms. The second step was to fulfill the investor's desire to establish a certain hierarchy in the offices and ensure necessary privacy. Our proposal of open offices was upgraded with the addition of transverse walls, which gradually screen the offices. The greater the need for privacy, the longer the transverse wall.

We surrounded the transverse partition walls with wooden cladding, which gives the spaces the tactility of the wood texture and a feeling of warmth. The third step of the natural appearance of the spaces was further emphasized with plants. Chat rooms and phone booths are embedded in glass and thus let light through without closing off the space. Partition walls are connected with wooden claddings and hide all electrical and mechanical installations.

The attic offices take advantage of their unique shape, as despite the absence of long corridors, they provide necessary privacy. The wooden cladding gives them consistency and integrates them into a comprehensive arrangement of attic offices.