BSH executive offices


Project: Renovation of executive offices interior
Location: Nazarje, Slovenia
Client: BSH Home Appliances d.o.o. Nazarje
Year: 2022-2023
Area: 200 m2
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Business spaces
Photo/Viz: Peter Zakrajšek


For the company BSH, we undertook the task of renovating executive offices with the goal of improving the space to facilitate good interaction between management, employees, and external partners. We transformed the original cellular office layout, which limited visual and social connections, into a connected and transparent space reflecting the company's values.

The previously complex spatial organization with a large number of solid walls, columns, and unusual corners, we unified with the use of a curved wooden wall. The wall separates the hallway from the executive spaces, envelops and hides spatial imperfections, while the wood creates a welcoming sense of warmth. The offices have natural light from all sides, previously underutilized due to the solid walls and separate hallway. We incorporated glass openings into the curved wooden wall, filling the spaces with natural light, creating an encouraging work environment. For the presentation of company products, we placed glass shelves in the openings.

Vodstvene pisarne so zaradi svoje narave še vedno oblikovane kot celične, zaprte. S steklenimi stenami smo jih odprli a hkrati ohranili zvočno ločene, da zagotavljajo zadostno mero miru in zbranosti. V pisarne smo vključili več prostorov srečevanja: sestankovalnica za hitre, ciljno usmerjene sestanke, večja multifunkcijska sejna soba za formalne predstavitve in neformalni kotiček za druženje ob kavi.

Our renovation of the BSH executive offices was designed with the aim of promoting greater connectivity among employees, improving productivity, and creating a working environment that supports and reflects the company's values.