Bankart Business Spaces


Project: Common Spaces - BANKART Office
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Client: Business, BANKART d.o.o.
Year: 2019
Area: 120 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Business spaces
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti


The Slovenija Avto business building was one of the more advanced buildings of its time. You could drive your car up a winding ramp into your office, even on the highest floors. Parking spaces were placed in the middle of the floors, with offices around the perimeter. As the need for additional spaces grew, the parking areas were mostly abandoned, replaced by service areas.

For our client, we designed the interior of the central part with a dining area, restrooms, a coffee corner, and a printing room. We approached the challenges of long confined corridors, a small dining room, inadequate restrooms, lack of central ventilation and cooling systematically.

We expanded the corridors at certain points and placed the dining area and other common spaces into these expansions, eliminating the sense of monotonous infinity. Wooden paneling and dynamic graphics further dispelled this feeling.

We equipped the extremely low ceiling with a visible ventilation system and installed LED lights that illuminate the ceiling onto it and some other elements. With indirect lighting and a light floor covering, we visually elevated the space.

Because the dining area is multifunctional and can serve as a small conference room, we designed the sinks and workspaces in niches that can be closed off. The niche element is then repeated in the expanded restrooms, where we used a monochromatic combination and a pictogram to indicate gender division.

The building is designed with strong ceiling beams that appear throughout the interior. We emphasized this common thread with linear lighting and it will become a connecting element in the design of the rest of the offices. With the renovation, the spaces breathed both stylistically and functionally.