C125.4 apartment


Project: C125.4 Apartment
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Client: Private
Year: 2018
Area: 30 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Apartment
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti, TV ambienti


In the older modernist block near the iconic Kino Šiška, on the 4th floor, there is a small one-room apartment. The investor's wish was to make the best use of the small square footage, which is divided in the middle by a load-bearing wall. The rooms are small and open eastward onto a park with tree canopies.

The entrance hall connects the living and sleeping areas. The walls of the living room are covered with wooden panels, behind which household appliances are hidden. The space is enlarged by two mirrors. The first mirror is at the seating niche with a panoramic view. The second mirror is in the kitchen, partially reflecting the tree canopies. A round dining table in the center of the living area allows for easier movement around the apartment.

The sleeping area consists of a large desk that spans the entire width of the room and ends in a wall closet. The bed is placed between the wardrobe and the storage closet, which separates the hallway and bedroom. Since doors also take up quite a bit of space in small square footage due to opening, we separated the hallway and bedroom with sliding doors.

The bathroom is small but easy to use. A large mirror illuminates and enlarges the space. The shower, divided by an assembly wall made of cement board and walls made of micro-cement that don't require grouting, simplifies cleaning.

The wooden floor covering is composed of large knotted boards, which add warmth to the room and a sense of homeliness. The boards are placed in a transverse direction to optically expand the narrow spaces. All used materials are in subdued pastel shades and are color complementary.