JP5 apartment


Project: Apartment for a young family
Location: Kranj, Slovenia
Client: Private
Year: 2013
Area: 65 sqm
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Apartment, renovation
Photo/Viz: Svit Pintar


In this small apartment live two curious children and their parents, who are passionate dancers and travelers. The clients wanted the two-bedroom apartment to be transformed with an additional room while improving the quality of living. Therefore, we decided to design the apartment with movable modular furniture, which allows more usage possibilities of the spaces.

The small square footage of the apartment dictated specific furniture. The dining area includes a table with a bench, which takes up less space. The couch provides the parents with a comfortable bed at night, while it expands with movable stools for additional seating during visits. When the family enjoys dancing and creating, the stools fold into the couch, and the massive coffee table is lifted into the couch using custom-made legs, thereby saving valuable space.

The kitchen counters are narrowed, which allows more space for movement. Appliances overlooking the counter are projected in openings on the wall, where through the children's room and frosted glass, natural light enters the kitchen. The bathroom has hidden "walls within walls" that are closed during the day so that more people can simultaneously use the bathroom. During evening showers, the walls open and create a shower cabin.

Apartment JP5, with its modular furniture and multi-purpose spatial solutions, supports and enhances the needs of a modern young family.