Apartment in a Villa Block


Project: Interior design of an apartment in a villa block
Location: Kolezija, Ljubljana
Client: Private
Year: 2020-2023
Area: 105 m2
Authors: BAAM architects
Typology: Apartment
Photo/Viz: Blaž Jamšek, BAAM arhitekti


The Kolezija neighborhood in Ljubljana is characterized by residential villas with gardens. The apartment we designed in the new villa block is on the ground floor, and in addition to its internal space, it features a spacious garden. The materials defining the villa are larch wood and textured rough plaster.

The layout is divided into two parts: living and sleeping areas. They are connected by a service area where we incorporated a utility room, fitness area, wardrobe closets, bathrooms, and a sauna. Some of these functions are exclusively utilitarian, so they are intentionally concealed. Simultaneously, we utilized the ceiling of the service area for ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Just as the interior living space connects to the outdoors through large panoramic windows, the exterior of the villa also resonates with its materials. The wooden facade seamlessly transitions through the balcony ceiling into the living area, and the textured gray plaster is smoothly replicated with micro-topping applied on the walls. This deliberate choice of materials is complemented by ceramics in the bathrooms and a soft floor covering in the bedrooms, whose shade follows the gray plaster of the exterior.

The interior design embraces a calm color palette with a few highlights: the kitchen's monolithic island flirting with niches, or the modular seating set that offers various seating configurations for hosting larger groups or performing exercises. All these highlights adhere to a natural color palette, thus remaining subdued. Most of the spaces offer both general and ambient lighting, allowing the room's feel in the evening to change according to the occasion.

At its core, the apartment adheres to the traditional way of living seen in the Kolezija villas, which emphasizes a comfortable inside-outside living experience. This inside-outside principle is also mirrored by the materials we used in shaping the interior.